The Taboo Collection comprises of body treatment candles that are truly opulent! A wonderful indulgence for the senses! Definitely a day spa in a jar!


Why not combine our Taboo Collection with a personal massage for a multisensory experience? The sensual flame and sexy fragrance really set the mood for a massage that lingers in your memory!

Guaranteed to bring back the romance but playmate not included!


The Taboo Collection has a versatile range of uses-




Body Balm-

·       Without lighting your candle, simply scrape your fingernail over the wax and apply to your skin as you would a body balm – it is soft and will melt very easily as you begin to massage it into your skin.

·       A convenient and effective way of enjoying the moisturizing benefits of your day spa in a jar!

Massage Oil-

·       Light the candle to release the fragrance and wait 10 – 15 mins for the hydrating oil to appear before giving the most memorable massage ever! You can pour it directly onto the skin without burning as it only burns 2 degrees above body temperature. The perfect accessory in the bedroom (indulge in the Taboo act of wax play without the heat) and fantastic for professional massage use.

·       An innovative alternative to traditional massage oils with many more benefits.


Bath Oil-

·       Simply pour the hydrating oil/melted wax into your warm bath for a relaxing, fragrant bath that will nourish the skin and leave it looking radiant.

·       Rub into cuticles, dry heels or tired feet for a relaxing, highly moisturising treatment. A must have for those dry feet in winter.

Body Treatment Candles

·       Made with high quality ingredients such as Cosmetic grade soy wax, jojoba oil, shea butter and Vitamin E.

· Scented with essential oils or body safe fragrances that are nourishing to the skin.

·       Hand poured into an exclusively designed ceramic vessel with a ‘pearl’ design to stimulate pressure points of the hands once the wax is warm!

·       Pouring lip purposely moulded for ease of application.

·       So versatile – not only a beautiful candle that smells great but can be used as a Body Balm, Massage Oil, Bath Oil, Hair and Cuticle treatment, Hell and foot treatment and also Aftershave Balm!

·       A little goes a long way.

·       Unused ingredients will set again into a candle form, ready for the next use! (Just remember to trim wick ¼ inch prior to use).

Taboo Fragrances:

Taboo -  A forbidden fragrance that unveils your deepest desires!

Seduction -  The ultimate seduction! Enchanting and spellbinding!

Little Black Dress – The perfect accessory! Sexy and feminine!

Allure – Warm and woody!

Goddess – Sensual and sophisticated! Definitely will release the Goddess within!

Boudoir – The provocative mood enhancer!

Nude – No fragrance at all! For sensitive skin types.

Oriental Delight -  A delicate oriental blend of fresh fragrance. Sure to delight the senses!

Bliss – Tranquil and serene. The ultimate indulgence.


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