General Candle Safety Instructions

·       NEVER leave a candle unattended.

·       Keep candles away from flammable objects, children and pets.

·       Keep candle out of drafts and always trim wick to ¼ inch for optimal burning.

·       Remove all wick debris from candle.

·       We recommend removing the ‘mushroom’ on the wick prior to burning. Failure to do so may lead to a wax pool fire. The entire candle can ignite if an untrimmed piece of wick drops into the wax pool. Trimming the wick and not burning for longer than 4 hours will prevent this from occurring. We recommend the use of a wick trimmer for this purpose.

·       Always use candles on an appropriate tray. Never leave a burning candle directly on a table or any surface that may be subject to damage.

·       Always remove from packaging before lighting.

·       Keep candles out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place, preferably below 25 degrees to prevent sweating.

Taboo Collection Safety Instructions

·       ALWAYS put flame out before using oil from candle. This particular collection of candles is specifically designed to burn 2 degrees above body temperature.

·       Please DO NOT use other candles on your skin!

·       Sensitive to fragrance? Couture Candles only use body safe essential or fragrance oils in skin safe amounts. We strongly recommend testing the product on a small area of skin to test for any allergic reactions to the fragrance before using all over your body. We would not recommend use on facial area for this reason. Anybody who is worried about a possible fragrance reaction or has a known fragrance allergy should use our NUDE Taboo candle as it is unscented. Keep away from eyes.

·       Pregnancy is a beautiful time to be relaxed and pampered and to care for yourself and your baby. Couture Candles is honoured to be of use to you at this special time. However, advice should be sought from a qualified practitioner prior to use of any of our essential oil candles if you are pregnant, planning a pregnancy, have allergies, high blood pressure or any other medical condition. The diversity of essential oil varieties and applications are so varied that it is almost impossible for us to give advice to individuals.

·       Please note that all Couture Candles products are to be used at your own risk.

·       By following these simple instructions we have great confidence in knowing that you will get the utmost enjoyment from your purchase with us.

·       Couture Candles does not accept responsibility for any damage caused by the misuse of its products.

·       We offer a money back guarantee on all our products which is the extent of our liability.



Questions and Answers

Is all soy skin safe?? Why can’t I use any soy candle on my skin?

A candle that is made to fragrance a room is made completely different to one that is used on the skin. Body candles are made with skin safe amounts of fragrance or essential oils. Couture Candles follows the FDA specifications and basically if a candle can fragrance your entire room it has way too much FDA approved amounts of fragrance for bath and body products and could be very dangerous to your skin.

Traditional soy wax has not been processed in such a way as to maintain the properties necessary to effectively nourish and moisturise the skin. Couture Candles only use cosmetic grade soy wax for this reason.


Is it safe to pour hot wax directly onto my skin immediately after blowing out flame?

Yes it is! As long as you have blown out the flame and don’t put your fingers into the wax whilst candle is burning. The oil is not hot like a traditional candle. Couture Candles are made of a proprietary blend that is designed to burn only 2 degrees above body temperature. It just feels like a warm bath! It can be poured directly onto skin from exclusive ceramic vessel and will feel warm and soothing. It will leave your skin feeling soft and subtly scented.

Can I use my Taboo Collection candle to fragrance my room?

We do not recommend using your Taboo candle for this purpose. As we only use skin safe amounts of fragrance the entire room would not be fragranced successfully. They are meant to be used on the skin and are considered to be a ‘cosmetic’ product and thus have to comply with regulation requirements. This includes how much fragrance can be used to be skin safe. The amount of fragrance used will definitely scent your skin and also produce a subtle aroma in the air surrounding the candle, it would not be enough to scent a large room effectively. Also, body candles have a higher cost and we would hate for you to waste your candle on only fragrancing the room when it can do so much more!


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